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Is anyone genuinely surprised?

The problem is us, not him.

Sex has become the dominating and defining aspect of our culture.

I am not certain when it all began.

Unfortunately it began long before a married President lied about having sex with a young  intern in the White House, only to find his woman and political party standing by his side.

Unfortunately, our entertainment culture – film, music, literature, theatre and art – not only is rooted in sexual expression, but it’s creators and purveyors  have enriched themselves through rude and crude sexual references … think “Book of Mormon” which was hailed as a “must see” because it was the greatest comedy ever.

Unfortunately, we increasingly hear men, women, boys, girls, and children talking about others as sexual objects.

Unfortunately, we live in a “hook-up” culture where men and women, boys and girls, have no qualms about having sex with a stranger in order to fulfill their immediate sexual desires.  Men use women, women use men.

Unfortunately, we have permitted the killing of millions of babies in the name of “Women’s Rights.” We respect choice more than the sanctity of life.

Unfortunately, sex has become the most important civil right in America.  The LGBTQ community trumpets it’s right to dress, poop and engage in sexual relations any time any where with anyone … and you better not say a word about it or you will be condemned as a closed minded hated-filled idiot.

Unfortunately, our government has redefined marriage and says families can be self-defined.  Our government protects the right of anyone to define their sex and engage in sexual activity based on how they feel today.  Biology is no longer science, it’s an emotion.

Unfortunately, millions of women and children have been used, abused, dumped and abandoned after buying into America’s secular sexual liberalism that says sex is a right you should freely enjoy whenever and however you wish.

Unfortunately, the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in America are 28 year old single women with 2 or 3 kids from unknown suitors.

Unfortunately, more children are born into single parent households than not.  Thus we should not be surprised that children frequently out number women in homeless shelters because everyone feels free to have sex, regardless of consequences.

Unfortunately we are outraged over a video instead of our culture.  Remember when you were told to be outraged over a video that led to the death of 4 Americans serving our country.

Unfortunately, America has a far bigger problem than him.

The problem is us … and the culture we have created and embraced.

Don’t be fooled or distracted by disingenuous outrage over a video.

Rus Howard – October 9, 2016

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