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Fight the Lord’s battles!

1 Samuel 18:17


Fighting takes emotion, time, and energy.  A fighter uses the best of these resources before, during, and after the battle.  Resources are used to strategize, react, and recuperate.  After the battle has ceased, the fighter finds himself exhausted emotionally and physically, in mind and in spirit.

During the past few days I have engaged in several battles, not physical, yet draining.

Two of the battles were over silly issues neither of which would be won or lost, neither of which had significance, and neither of which would change the course of human history or a single life.

I was drawn into these battles by my own will, through my own pettiness, and with the illusion that I was right and could win.  In one battle I irritated a long-time friend.  In both, I walked away from a draw.  While I found the fights exhilarating, each left me weary and frustrated.

The other fights were of significance.  They were battles which our Lord fought, which He invited me to join in with Him.

Jesus fought for the care of the poor, for the purity of faith, and for the sanctity of marriage.  The battle for these things did not leave me exhausted, defeated, nor friendless.

I entered each battle with trepidation.  Yet, I found the Lord at my side, giving me courage and strength, providing passion and words, drawing the enemy to His side. I may have fought the good fight, but He won the battle.

I am a fighter.  I get passionate.  I go into battle, sometimes with armor and others times fully exposed.  Sometimes I win, other times I lose.

My father taught me to stand for my convictions. 

Our Father calls us to stand for His.

The hardest lesson for me to learn was to choose my battles carefully.

The best lesson I was taught was to fight the Lord’s battles!

Our world would be a better place, if we learned to fight His battles and to walk away from the rest.

God told Joshua, “Be strong and courageous, I am with you wherever you go!” (Joshua 1:9).

This promise is good only when we fight the Lord’s battles!

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