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The Word of the Lord tried him! (1)

Living on the promises of God is trying, especially when we have to wait years and decades for God to fulfill His promises.

Living in faithful obedience to God’s way is trying because the world wants us to fail this test.

Anyone who says, “Being a Christian is an easy escape from reality” has never tried living the Christian life.  I have found that choosing to be a faithful Christian is to choose the most difficult road to travel in life.

The world wants Christians to be nice, rather than faithful.  Niceness is defined by C. S. Lewis as having a “wholesome, integrated personality … a better man of the old kind.”  (2)

In contrast, God wants us to be a different person, to live His way, a way which much of the world despises.  This is why we will find God’s Word to be trying.

It does not bother me that the world expects less of me than God does.  What bothers me is when the Church expects less of us than God does. 

The Church is under constant pressure to make being a Christian an easy, nice, and comforting experience.  This may be why so many Christians whine when they endure inconvenience or minor sacrifices or discomfort.

Richard Blackaby warns:

Don’t ever try to ease the discomfort of someone whom the Holy Spirit is making uncomfortable! (3)

There is value in being tried by God’s Word.

Ask God to test you today.

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