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I have always dreamed of having one of those lawns seen in commercials for lawn care products.  Wishing for such, never brought forth the dream.

Last fall, after our horrific drought, I fertilized my yard, twice; over-seeded my yard twice; and doubled my water bill watering the yard without ceasing.  In March, while winter still had her grip on us, I fertilized again, laying down some extra, just in case.  Then came April’s showers, at twice the normal rate.

With all this doubling of nutrients and liquid, I was disappointed when I mowed my yard for the first time last week.  The grass was not particularly green, much-less thick and tall.  My dream was unfulfilled.

After a week of warm sunshine … well you know the story … the grass was thick and lush.

I remember being at the hardware store last fall, wondering if an investment in fertilizer would pay-off.  It did.

I know thousands of Christians who long for a deeper sense of God’s presence with them, yet they never invest in spending time with Him.  They languish day by day, limping instead of running, falling instead of flying.

They invest heavily in the world and sparsely in God.  Instead of being carried by the grace of God, they bear the burdens of the world.

They reap what they have sown.

“The Lord God will supply and multiply your seed for sowing 

and He will increase your harvest.”

2 Corinthians 9:10


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Today’s post are my preaching notes for my sermon at Kishwaukee Community Church.  If you are at Kishwaukee today, you may follow these notes as I preach.  If you are not at Kishwaukee today, click here to go to our  website on Monday and follow the links to hear the sermon. You can then follow these notes as you listen to the sermon.


How We Hear God Speaking to Us, Part 2

I.  Review from last week

Hearing God speak to you,

should be a common experience to all Christians

This is a tough issue for us because

  1. Unfamiliar territory for most – for me a common experience
  2. Spirit driven – we prefer certainty and precision – never vague
  3. Abuse by others for personal gain

Three Areas which I will cover

  1. How God Speaks
  2. How to Hear God
  3. How to confirm it was God speaking

4 Boundaries to confirm God spoke and I heard correctly

Whenever God speaks to you, what you hear will be:

  1. Consistent with scripture
  2. Confirmed with a specific scripture
  3. Confirmed through someone else or the body
  4. Requires you to change plans

How God Speaks to You –

1st Way Through Scripture

Tells us His Heart/Will – His will for you

If you tell me, “God does not speak to me!”

Then I know that you are not reading the Bible

II.  2nd way God speaks to you – Prayer

Jesus frequently withdrew to pray alone

Prayer not only to commune, share heart, ask for intercession

Prayer to shape your heart

Transform and conform your will to His

2 prayers –

Lords and Garden “Your will be done”

John 17 – “I have done your will

The greatest issue in hearing God is the battle of wills

Confusion of my agenda as His will

Allow God to speak – not a jabber-hour prayer

Instead a Psalm 46:10 prayer

When seeking guidance

Read scripture and then pray

Present question don’t sell the question

Listen, listen, listen

Do not be in a rush – several prayer sessions

(My worse decisions, rushed out of hunger, want, envy, pride)

III. 3rd way God speaks to You – Worship

God will speak to you every week at worship

Despite what does or does not happen up front

Worship praise – any style

Prepares and softens the heart

Provides God an entry

Makes space for the Holy Spirit to speak

Personalize your corporate worship

God will use your Pastor, even a bad one to speak to you

My lifelong preaching experience

Parishioners telling me That was just for me

Then restating points, I never spoke

I simply Praise God

IV. 4th way God speaks to you – Dreams, Visions, and Theophanies

SVHS Play Joseph – about his dreams and interpreting

God continues to speak through dreams and visions

Theophanies – God appearances in our lives

I had some – shared one last week

Many highly personal to you or one you love

Still will be confirmed by God

Scripture, consistency, others, call to change

V. 5th way God speaks to you – Circumstances and Life Events

God puts you in a place to act at a particular moment

Usually obvious

Frequently serendipitous

Pulling together what He spoke to you recently

Making sense out of purpose of previous message

How we see, hear, and observe daily events in our lives

Critical to hearing God

Which will be our focus next week

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