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Sometimes we are too concerned with protecting the reputation of people 

but too little concerned with protecting the holy name of God. (1)


The reputation which I want to protect the most is mine.


I want to be liked.  This is my greatest failing; it is my weakest link; it is my most serious sin.  


I want you to like me.  I even want my enemies to like me.  Furthermore, I am so vain that I want people I loathe to like me.


When we are in the business of guarding our reputation, of being likable and popular, we will throw anyone under the bus in a heart beat, including God.


In my desire to be liked, I frequently throw God under the bus.


When I finally learned that my calling as a Christian was to bring glory to the name of God, I started making enemies left and right.  My like-ability rating bottomed out.  The reason enemies rise up against us when we give glory to God is that He outshines them.


It is hard to outshine God.  


The only way to outshine God is to get rid of Him.  


It’s me or Jesus. 


Hmmm ….


“Give the Lord the glory due unto his name.”  (2)


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  1. Blackaby, Richard (2006-12-01). Experiencing God Day By Day (Kindle Locations 3991-3992). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 
  2. Psalm 29:2.

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