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Thank You God

When I teach leaders to pray, I start by teaching the group the Thank You God form of prayer.  It is a simple and safe form of group prayer.

Everyone prays in turn as we move around the circle.  Pray what you wish.  When you have finished your prayer, close with the words, “Thank you God”. These closing words signal the next person in the circle to pray.

The beauty of this prayer is not everyone prefers to pray out loud in groups.  They do not need to do this in this form of prayer.  They may pray quietly and then, when led by God, simply pray aloud, “Thank you God”. Thus, signaling the next person to pray.

Martin Luther wrote:

We’re showered with blessings every day, and we’re always using what God gives us. …  we accept his gifts as if they simply appeared out of nowhere or as if we earned them through our own efforts, diligence, or wisdom. We think that God somehow owes us these things, and therefore we don’t need to thank him. (1)

As I walk through my day, whether with others or alone, I pray the Thank you God prayer regularly.  

It keeps my heart and spirit grateful and humble.

As you journey through today take time to pray the Thank You God prayer.

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  1. Luther, Martin; Galvin, James C. (2009-05-19). Faith Alone: A Daily Devotional (p. 117). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. 

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