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… in humility consider yourself less important than others …

Philippians 2:3

In her recent book Quiet, Susan Cain reports that to survive in the MBA program at Harvard Business School you have to be an outgoing, aggressive, and vocal student.  The quiet and demurring student will be crushed in class and is likely to receive poor grades.

Studies in group dynamics and decision-making find that groups follow vocal and aggressive leaders.  Furthermore, this research  has found that these groups frequently make bad decisions, because wise quiet souls never had a chance to speak.

The lack of humility on campus and at the office can be traced to bad decisions that cause  a multitude of problems for all of us.

Humility is under-rated in America.

In the eyes of God and children, humility may be your best attribute, particularly when combined with genuine love.

Betty never served in a leadership role at church.  She declined invitations to serve on committees.  She was rarely in worship.  Yet many young adults in her church were asked, “Who in the church had the greatest impact upon your life?”

Betty was consistently named by more people than anyone else.

Betty took up the one task that is so hard to fill in the church.  She served as the congregation’s pre-school teacher for more than 50 years.  She never complained about missing worship, not hearing the choir’s special music, and not having a break from teaching.

Betty quietly made a significant impact upon others.

Humble souls do not depreciate their significance, rather they let others toot their own  horns, while they quietly change the world in humility.

Would our world be a better place if we let the humble lead?

God does.

… with humility and gentleness love others 

and submit to them out of reverence for Jesus …

Ephesians 4:2 and 5:21

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