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The hardest lesson I have learned as a Christian is that God wants me to live from His love, rather than for His love.

Living for love is totally different than living from love.

If you live for love, you are acknowledging the love you desire is not yet yours.  You live in fear that if you do not do the right thing or say the right words, you will be rejected and cast aside.  Living for love is a season filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

If you are living from love, you are living secure in love which you already have.  You do not need to prove yourself worthy.  Living from love is a season filled joy and peace.

Why is this an important lesson for Christians?

Something inside of us strongly compels us to keep trying to earn God’s approval.  We would all like to be able to do something so spectacular that we could brag, “God, look what I’ve done!  I deserve your love.”  (1)

But what about the next day or week, you will be pressed to do something more incredible than the work of the week before to remain secure in His love.

Paul writes in Romans 5:8: “God loved us while we were still sinners.”

We did nothing to earn His love.  Instead He chose us and showered His gracious love upon us when we were most undeserving.

The Christian living for God’s love:

Glorifies himself, rather than God;

Relies upon himself, rather than grace.

Strives to prove self, rather than rest in peace.

Frets over each day, rather than enjoys each moment.

The day you have to prove your love to another is a day you loathe.  The day you know you are loved is a day for rejoicing.

You are not a Christian and if you are living for God’s love.


There is nothing which can separate you from the love God,

which is yours through Christ Jesus!

Romans 8:39


  1. Luther, Martin; Galvin, James C. (2009-05-19). Faith Alone: A Daily Devotional (p. 60). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

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