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Faith grows during storms (1)

Why is it that some people’s faith only grows during storms and crisis?

Can’t faith grow in quiet daylight?  Grass does!

Rarely does anyone call me and say:

“Pastor, life is good!  Do you have guidance for scripture I should study or books I can read during these good ol’days, so I can grow in faith?” 

When life is good we are convinced we do not need God.  Since there are no pressing afflictions or infections that need supernatural healing, why bother God.  Isn’t He busy with others?

I learned to sail in calm seas, when the wind was gentle and the water waved gracefully below the hull of my boat.  If I had not learned to sail in calm seas, I would have never been able to sail through storms.

Perhaps this is why we panic and are afraid when the storms of life come our way.  We cannot hear God in the storm, if we have not dwelt with Him during the day.

While we draw on our faith during difficulty, we fail to build up our faith during prosperity.  You only have money to withdraw on a rainy day, if you made deposits before.

David’s guidance “be still and know that I am God” (2) is spoken when life is in an upheaval.  Yet his wisdom should be heeded when we are wandering in green pastures and drinking from still waters.

Lois Cheney asks:

Does anyone ever meander with God, sharing fun, thoughts, and silences?  (3)

Our best friendships are built on lazy days, when we simply spend time with others, chatting, talking, listening, and loving each other, letting time pass in the quiet breeze

Friendships built during days of leisure are the friendships which sustain us during seasons of difficulty.

Your fair-weather-friendship with Jesus, will sustain you during a gale.

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Is Your God Too Small?

J. B. Phillips coined the phrase “Your God Is Too Small” as the title of his famous book, written in 1961.  He wrote the book for believers and skeptics.  It is well-written, short and concise, an easy read.

He begins the book by outlining 12 false understandings of God, which limit Him to the narrow understanding of many people.  In the remainder of the book He writes about GOD in all of His BIGNESS.

The premise of the book is that our image of God was too small to meet the needs of the modern world of 1961.

I was a young kid back in those days.  My world extended as far as the local school yard and trips to my grandparents.  My world was pretty small and God was awfully big to me.

As I have matured, my interest in the bigness God has dwindled.  The designation God is an all consuming concept.  God is never a small thing.

People talk about God less and less in today’s world, while their personal gods get bigger and bigger.  

In today’s digitalized, techno-driven, fast-paced, information-overload, app-driven world, I need to know God, I need to feel His presence, to be assured that He loves me.

Lois Cheney’s words in her book God Is No Fool resonate in my heart:

It is good, in the magnificent sense to know that God is a friend to humans. I know of no religion in which the God is both God and friend. 

We fear because God is all-powerful. 

We worship because God is all goodness. 

We bow in humility because God is all master. 

We serve because God is all-purposeful. 

But perhaps the most significant thing of all is that 

We love, because God is a friend forever. (1)

If you do not know God as your friend, then your God is too small.

Jesus said, No longer do I call you servants … I now call you my friends.”   (John 15:15)

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  1. Cheney, Lois A. (2005-03-01). God is No Fool (pp. 83-84). Autism Today. Kindle Edition. 

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