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The serene beauty of a holy life 

is the most powerful influence in the world

next to the might of God. (1)

I want to believe that Pascal is speaking truth because it seems that sin, evil, and self-centered hedonism has become the prevailing influence of our culture.  Everywhere we turn, we see evidence of the destructive power of sin and evil.

To witness the serene beauty of a holy life would be a burst of fresh air for our world.

Every evening I sit outside and watch the beauty of God’s creation unfold as sunset turns to dusk and then to night.

In a slow progression of moments stars appear one by one to populate the sky above my head, while fire-flies sparkle as they hover over the grass and between the trees of the forest preserve beyond my yard.

The beauty of these moments is greater than anything on TV or You-Tube.  The unfolding story of God’s life and light as darkness surrounds me bests the plot of any novel every written.

After an hour of beholding this serene holy beauty my soul troubled by the day’s events finds rest and peace.

Night is always considered the time when monstrous evil and sinful powers emerge to do their thing.  Perhaps they do, but only under the watchful eye of God’s serene beauty, which is holy light in the midst of darkness.

This gentle beauty and light lingers for each season of darkness before the glory of God’s sun bursts into radiance at dawn, welcomed by the holy music of His feathered flock.

In morning’s light, after begin guided by the serene and holy lights of darkness, my soul awakes refreshed.  I move into the new day with my heart and mind renewed and restored.

Pascal was right.

If only we can witness the serene beauty of a holy life in the lives of more people.

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  1. Blaise Pascal from Pascal’s Pensees as quoted in Samuel G. Hardman and Dwight Lyman Moody, Thoughts for the Quiet Hour (Willow Grove, PA: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing, 1998).

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