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 … do nothing out of self-centeredness or out of pride …

 Philippians 2:3a


This morning after clearing 5 inches of snow off my driveway and sidewalk, I did the same for my neighbor.  Before you give me a Gold Star for Community Service, I need to come clean.  In a few weeks I will be flying to Florida and I am hoping that if it snows while I am away, my neighbor will clear my driveway and sidewalk for my wife.


My act of kindness was more savvy than it was self-less service to others.


Would Paul, will Jesus, applaud my kindness or see through the veneer of my sweetness?


Since I told you about my generous act of kindness, then it is clear that I have failed the pride test.


It has been feared that if Congress drops the charitable tax deduction non-profit service focused charities and churches will be hurt.  I pray that a change in the laws will not affect my giving.  


I’d like to believe that most of my charitable giving and service to others is not tainted by selfish ambition and conceit.  


How do you discern the difference between self-less service and selfish service?  


My measuring stick is simple:   

If I hope that my service will yield either a benefit or positive attention for me, 

then it is not self-less service.


The key is in my intent, my reason for serving.  


If my neighbor stops and asks if I am the one who cleared his driveway and sidewalk, should I remain mute? 


 God would be pleased with that.


I can tell my neighbor about my travels later.


Dang, there I go again ….

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