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After my second year at seminary, I accepted an internship in the midwest.  I was 23 years old and single. When I left the seminary I had to rent a U-haul trailer to hold all of my belongings.  I was embarrassed that I had so much stuff.

After traveling 1300 miles, with my U-Haul in tow, I finally stopped at a hotel in St. Louis.  After a good day’s sleep and an evening out with friends, I came back to the hotel, only to witness my car being stolen.

I stood in front of my car as the thief sped out of the parking lot.  “Surely, he will stop for me!”  He did not.  Luckily, I realized this in the nick of time.

Distraught, I called the St. Louis Police, who did not seemed as vexed over my situation as I.  The police told me that most likely I would never see the car, trailer, or my stuff again.

As I went up to my room at the hotel despairing that I had lost all I had, Jesus spoke to me saying, “I thought you were embarrassed with all that stuff and wanted to be done with it.  I was just trying to help!”

Jesus was correct.  I rejoiced that my prayers had been answered.  I went to bed in peace.  A new life of saintly austerity was before me.

The police called an hour later.  They found the car and the trailer intact.  I had all my stuff back.  I was vexed, again.  My new future was already re-cluttered.

The hardest part about following Jesus is being willing to give up all our stuff.  Jesus advises us to count the cost before following Him.  Many stay behind because the cost involves letting loose of our stuff.

In Luke 14:33, Jesus says, “You cannot follow me if you are unwilling to leave everything you have behind.”

It is hard to follow Jesus when encumbered with the stuff of the world.

Have you ever seen a U-haul at a cemetery?

People are always looking for Jesus at the cemetery.

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