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The mind is the most restless, 

unruly part of mankind! (1)

Earlier this week when heading off to work before sunrise the moon caught my attention.  It was a simple crescent, a sliver of light adorning the predawn sky.  It was gorgeous.

In that brief moment I paused to reflect on the beauty and complexity of creation.  Everything arranged in perfect order for the creation and sustainment of life.  

How can anyone imagine that all of this just happened by an evolving explosion of the dice of fate?

The imaginations of our minds can lead to an amazing assortment of thoughts to justify actions which defy reasoning and the love of our hearts.

For example, I have yet to figure out why it is illegal to kill baby animals, but it is o.k. to kill a human baby in the womb. 

Only a restless and unruly mind could think of such an egregious act.

When we observe animals in nature we see the natural paternal love of a male protecting the pregnant female and the mother’s maternal love protecting her young while the father searches for food.  We observe in the animal kingdom the power of love to protect and provide for life from conception.

Yet, humans, who we claim are smarter than any of the animals, have decided that willful choice is more important than compassionate love.  We have decided, in our minds, that the protection of the right to kill is more important than protecting the life killed.

The restless unruliness of our minds can lead to horrible genocide.  Hitler was convinced that pure bred Germans would be better for the human race than pure bred Jews.  Sunnis are certain they are better than Shiites. 

The list of reasoned, yet tragic hate is long.

All of these convictions are justified by minds gone wild.

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace. (2)

When the human mind goes wild in sin it fails to love as commanded by God and desired by all who live.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with ALL YOUR MIND. (3)

Let God’s love and a love for God control your mind.

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