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When did we see you hungry and feed you? (1)

It’s easy not to the see the hungry.

Most hungry people endure their hunger quietly behind closed doors.

Children sent to bed with stomachs growling dreaming that there will be food in the morning.

Mothers go to bed weeping knowing their little ones are suffering not just for food, but for the nutrition which fuels their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Fathers pace late into the night wrestling with their failure to provide for their family wondering why their efforts to find a job, even for a day, have again been unsuccessful.

Most hungry people are not on street corners with a tin cup, they remain invisible in our neighborhoods and communities, unwilling to beg or to bring attention to their struggle.

Are you willing to help these hungry children, moms, and dads. They hesitate to ask for help, just as Jesus suffered in silence, they too suffer quietly.

If you want to help, you can.

Today the Rockford Rescue Mission is hosting a telethon Hope to the Hungry. For $2.05 you can provide a meal, for $100 you can provide meals for a family for a week.

You can help?

Call 815-966-2842 before 8 PM (CST) today and make a gift to Hope to the Hungry. Or, you can go to www.rockfordrescuemission.org and give on-line.

You can call from anywhere in the world and make a gift.

Today you can make a difference.

Speak up and feed those who suffer in silence.

When did we see you hungry and feed you?
You when you fed one of the hungry, you fed me. (1)

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Matthew 25:37 and 40.

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