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I will give you rest (1)

In my youth I wanted more money, as I age I want more time.  I want to do more than just work.  I want to pursue interests, develop ideas, engage friends, and die full rather than exhausted.

Though self-flagellation has gone out of style, many of us drive ourselves like racehorses. We whip ourselves into action, ignoring how exhausted we have become. (2)

For years I have prided myself for working long hours. Despite working long hours, every night I went to bed knowing that my work was not done.  There was something else I should-of or could-of done.  I closed my eyes exhausted rather than satisfied.  This is not a good way to fall asleep.

The pride of drivenness, always gives way to the exhaustion of self-righteousness.

Is rest a dirty word?

Rest can easily move from idleness, to laziness, to nothingness.

Or, rest can move from refreshment, to renewal, to restoration, to meaningfulness.

While we long for the latter, we will only achieve the former if we drive ourselves into exhaustion.

Sabbath-rest is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Farmers rotate their crops and rest their fields in order to insure greater yields at the harvest.

I am in the process of deliberately cutting 10 hours out my work week because I have learned that when I am exhausted, I am unable to rest in the Lord.  If I do not rest in the Lord, I am worthless to all.

“My heart, Lord, does not rest until it rests in Thee.” (3)

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  3. Saint Augustine.

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