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Why do parents tell this to their children?

It is a flat out lie, we know the moment the words flow from our lips.

So, why do we tell this lie, in all of it’s various shapes and forms?

Do we want to believe we are invincible, that the human spirit can conquer any challenge, any obstacle, in all creation?

We can’t and we know it.

So why do we constantly repeat the lie?

Christians are equally adept at telling this lie.  We simply throw God into the lie and smile that all is well.

There are things which God does not want us to do?  Ask Adam and Eve.  Take a look at Exodus 20:13-17, these are the “You shall not …” commands.

There are a million and one things which I cannot and will not ever be able to do by willing my mind or by willing God’s mind.

This is Good News!

I no longer have to be Superman or Super-Christian!

I am grateful, God has limited my capabilities.

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