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Virtue brings light; indulgence brings fog. (1)

Virtue is a word we rarely use in today’s world.

We now consider practicing virtue as the restraining of one’s real desires. This goes counter to the philosophy of today’s world which says, “You are free to indulge in your pleasures.”

Indulgence brings pleasure for the moment and discomfort for the future.

Eat a huge Thanksgiving meal and your taste buds dance with joy, while your eyelids and blood sugars droop into sleep.

Drink a tub of beer and laugh your heart silly tonight knowing your brain will ache and brake in the morning.

Shop till you drop today so tomorrow you can beg the banker for cash while still on your knees.

The loss of virtue in our society is a cause of concern for me.  When an individual dishonors virtue, he invites problems into the lives of many, not just himself.

In all of my counseling, the loss of virtue in one’s sexual ethics brings with it a greater assortment of hardship and problems than one imagined in the heat of the moment.

Jim Wilson asks and responds to this question:

Can you name a single family (person) that is better off because of premarital sex or an extramarital affair? Sexual indiscretions shatter love, destroy trust, and ruin morale. (2)

Keeping to the virtue of a sound biblical sexual ethic in your personal life will always be a blessing to you and those you love.

It is a virtue which when held, brings light, yet when cast aside, brings darkness and problems.

Sunny days are a blessing.  It is good to walk in the light.

For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue. (3)

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